Tentang Kami

PT. Cakratek Buana Amerta is a national private company engaged in providing solutions to all the problems that occur in building construction activities, using special chemical technology for construction - Construction Chemical.

Support from the latest and cutting edge technology, skilled human resources and integrated professional management, we always strive to be the best in providing solutions in the field of construction.

Concrete preparation with very low permeability, concrete with high work-ability of handling areas exposed to chemicals in industrial facilities, trafficable root tops, life-time building enhancements in marine areas and accelerating overall work schedules are some of the complex problems in the field of construction sollusinya obtained from Construction Chemical material technology


Being a solution provider company complexity problems in the field of building construction through engineering engineering materials Construction Chemical


Making Construction Chemical material as a solution at all levels of construction work, from many simple buildings to high alias complexes.